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AMC Cambridge Public School, has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum, which helps the child to develop critical thinking, and problem-solving.
Curriculum development is therefore a permanent feature of this educational institution. Innovations are encouraged for an effective symbiotic relationship between teaching and learning to help imbibe the different perspectives within each subject area. The students become participants in learning, not just merely securing a body of knowledge, so that their learning becomes linked to their life outside the school. Spirited participation in seminars, symposiums, discussions, publications, dramatics, public speaking and other activities that enhance concentration and classroom learning, enable students to acquire learning skills required for an overall intellectual, psychological and social growth.
With the help of the guidelines prescribed by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations- ICSE, our faculty members prepare the curriculum for the Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and High Schools.This is reinforced by an autonomous Syllabus in Science and Mathematics prepared by a panel of experts and teachers of the various AMC Cambridge Public School. The Senior Secondary Section strictly adheres to the curriculum prescribed by the ICSE.

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